Family Matters

God Created Family

Your family is very important to God and us — In this world, we need to protect against the many things that attempt to destroy our families. We believe God has called the Church to partner with families to help them become strong and centered in Christ.

Journey Kids

Building a Strong Foundation

We believe children are our legacy. Teaching children about a loving-faithful God. All our certified volunteers are thoroughly reviewed and background checked, and they enjoy the kids as like they were their own.

Journey Youth

Every week, our vision is bring glory to God, have energetic music, activities, and teaching that’s practical and engaging.

Prayer and supporting one another is important.  We are committed reading the Bible together, opening our hearts, sharing, asking questions, and learning to encourage and build one another up.

We are committed to reaching and sharing the love of Jesus outside the church walls. 

Journey Students --- Young Adult Vision

If you are interested in being a part of serving in the youth and children’s ministry? Let us know what you are thinking. Click the connect tab!

Family Church (in concept stage

Family Counseling

Fostering & Adoption (Call office)

Family Bible Study

Child Dedication


At the head of the family is the institution of marriage. We believe that marriage is best experienced within the context of the Church as established by God. If you are planning a wedding and would like to get more information  just contact us.


Funerals are a time when families most intensely feel the need for spiritual guidance. We see funerals as an opportunity to serve, love, and support. If you are interested in more information regarding funeral officiants, participants, planning, or facilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Counseling & Wellness

While our primary concern is your spiritual health, we also know that emotional and physical well-being is vital. We offer pastoral counseling through our pastoral staff.  At times we refer individuals to professional Christ-centered counselors in our area. We also believe in the importance of physical wellness and will help you connect with nutrition and fitness experts if you need. 


Finances are a struggle for many people. Perhaps you are buried in credit card debt or simply struggling to budget and save. We believe that financial wholeness is necessary and we want to do what we can to guide individuals and families in their stewardship.  If you’re interested in the Financial Peace University course offering, please contact us.

Support Groups

There are many things in life that bring us down, and sometimes it’s impossible to do it alone. We offer support and help to those who are struggling with divorce, drug abuse, alcoholism, and fostering. Contact us today to take the next step.


Everyone needs good friends.  if you would like to be a mentor or find a mentor, let us know your need.