Pastor Ron shares Some thoughts


Judges 6:12 When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” MSG

  What a surprising greeting! Earlier in the chapter you can read that Gideon was busily threshing grain in a wine press. He was hiding away precious food from the Midianites, enemies of Israel, whose armies destroyed crops, polluted water, and were starving the inhabitants of the land of Israel. He was fearful and discouraged, and had what we would call today a poor self-image. He considered himself the lowest of the low of his family and tribe. He had called out to God previously asking why the land and people were going through such horrible things. The Lord responded that the people had left him and had chased other gods. Perhaps you feel as frustrated as Gideon. What mental hindrance holds you back from participating in God’s plans and purposes for your life? Are you chasing other Gods and actively  moving away from Him? Do you feel unworthy? Now is the time for change. Spend some time praying, thinking and repenting today, and He will hear your cry.

   2 Timothy 1:7 states: For God has not given us a spirit  of timidity,  but of power and love and discipline.  MSG

  Few of us will have an angel appear in front of us. Yet the scriptures promise us God has a plan for each of us and has equipped us to fulfill those plans.

  Will you take hold of those gifts, tools and plans He has for your life today?

  May mercy, peace, and joy be yours. Jude 2. Sam and Sharon Rakich